Unfolding Revelations of Enlightenment: The Basics

The Unfolding Revelations of Enlightenment: The Basics

What is Unfolding Revelations? What are the core beliefs of this path? Is this another form of Wicca? Is there a secret handshake?

All these questions, and more, will be answered in time. To begin, lets look at the basics of the path. First off, I call my path The Unfolding Revelation of Enlightenment. Or, more simply, Unfolding Revelationsim.

The core beliefs of my path are Infinite Self Discovery (Personal Enlightenment), Divine Revelation (Divine Guidance), and Epiphany.

Let’s examine them in closer detail.

Infinite Self Discovery, or Personal Enlightenment, is formed around the concept of self knowledge. That is, in a nutshell, know thyself. Understanding ourselves is not about conquering ourselves. It’s only goal is just what it says: understanding. It’s not about GIVING IN to our baser desires, but acknowledging them and recognizing them. What we do with those desires is beyond the scope of understanding. ISD is geared towards KNOWING yourself.

Why “Infinite?”

The reason its infinite is because we never stop learning, either in the world (meaning our knowledge base continues to grow) or within, as the more knowledge we gain, the more we grow. Therefore, the more we learn, the more we change, the more we change, the more we have to learn about ourselves. Thus, Infinite Self Discovery.

Divine Revelation, or Divine Guidance, is the acknowledgment that we learn from Without as well. In this case, from divine beings commonly referred to as Gods. Who we are changes, and who we learn from changes as well. Keep this statement in mind: “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” This is a Buddhist proverb, but the statement is accurate. It is this concept that forms the basis of Divine Revelation.

On a personal level, I am learning a great deal from Athena, as She blesses me with Her wisdom. As I examined myself (Infinite Self Discovery), I realized I needed to expand my wisdom and, in some cases, choose my words with more wisdom and forethought. When I accepted this about myself, the connection to Athena became much more clear, like a camera lens suddenly coming into sharp focus, and we began working together.

The third core principal is Epiphany. Epiphany is defined as:

A comprehension or perception of reality by means of a sudden intuitive realization: “I experienced an epiphany, a spiritual flash that would change the way I viewed myself” (Frank Maier).

(Source: Epiphany)

This is, essentially, exactly what it says. This principal includes the perception and understanding of moral and secular laws, the adherence to same, and the understanding of the spiritual universe and our place within it.

This brings me to the beliefs of my path. Epiphany calls for the following to be true:

1.) Every living thing has the right to live. This is not to imply you cannot kill. Only kill when needed, such as for food or in war. Do not murder.
2.) Everyone must be treated equally. Equality is an absolute. All must be treated as everyone else, otherwise certain people get privileges they don’t deserve. Practice restraint when granting favors.
3.) Love must not be hindered. Do not be shy in loving someone, even if they are of the same sex as you. Love is beautiful. Love is powerful.
4.) Do not have sex with animals, except humans.
5.) Do not have sex with children. They are innocent and should remain so for as long as possible.
6.) Do not have sex with anyone who does not consent to the act. Sex is beautiful and should be enjoyed by both (or all) parties.
7.) Humans are a part of the natural order. However, do not be afraid of the works of Man, for they offer much. Do not be afraid of medicines, but use them in moderation.
8.) Do not poison yourself with alcohol or damaging chemicals. Your body, finite as it is, should be respected and cherished.
9.) Do not overeat. Eat until you are no longer hungry. Give food to those less fortunate.
10.) Respect those who are older than you, for they have learned much and can teach much, should you listen to them. Do not ignore the elderly, for they are now as you will be.
11.) Do not hamper youth. Youth teaches us to be adults. Those not intelligent enough to learn the lessons nature offers will die.
12.) Friendship is the greatest gift someone can give. Don’t tread on it, for it can only take so much before it ends.
13.) All that lives, dies. Everything in nature has the right to decide when and in what way it dies. This right must not be forgotten.
14.) Respect the laws of the land in which you live. You are bound by them, so long as the laws are just and fair. Act to overturn any law which is not just or fair or which leads to corruption.
15.) Every human has the right to decide his or her own beliefs. If you encounter someone who believes differently, respect their beliefs. Do not try to change their minds, persuade them, or browbeat them. Agree to disagree.
16.) Do not beg. It is acceptable for you to receive help and assistance from others, but do not seek it out, for your demands may put someone else at risk.
17.) If you are wealthy, give to those who are not. If you are not wealthy, accept the gifts of those who are.

These are the basics of my belief system.

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WonderGoon is seeking enlightenment and questions everything.
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3 Responses to Unfolding Revelations of Enlightenment: The Basics

  1. Mike says:

    Interesting that though we are on very different paths, both the methods and the resulting beliefs are nearly identical.

    Our reasons and the ideas that underlay our adherance to the points of your Epiphany are no doubt very different. It was once said that All Roads lead to Rome. That may not be factually true, but in this context it’s clear that there is certainly more than one that does.



    • WonderGoon says:

      Very true. And proof positive that you don’t have to be a Christian to lead a moral life.

      Your comment, Mike, was my 500th comment I’ve received since I opened this blog way back on Pagan Nation. Thank you and congratulations for winning absolutely nothing! Whoo Hoo!

      Take care,


  2. Skatha says:

    Grats Mike!!!

    C’mon Goon at least give the guy a cookie! 😛

    As for my response to your new path, I say, whatever feels right to you is the path you should follow.


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