What is The House of Goonery?

The House of Goonery started as a joke. And it’s still a joke. When I created it, I meant it as a place for me to ramble and put my thoughts down for others to read and comment on. But, mainly, it’s for me.

This blog is about me. Simply put, this blog will contain my writings on a variety of subjects, including, but not limited to, politics, religion, society (and her citizens), comic books, novels, ranting about idiots, the cosmology, history, feminism, puzzles, magic, spirituality, and video games.

I might also talk about: gender issues, alternative lifestyles (like being straight (not that there is anything wrong with that. . . .)), music, or clothes.

If you have questions about the topics discussed, or want to suggest a topic, sound off in the comments section, below. Be sure to follow the comment guidelines. (Basically, be civil).

Why Goonery?
Why not Goonery? I have an odd sense of humor and I hope that come out when I write. My hope is that, at the very least, I’ve made you smile once or twice during your visit. I don’t really care if you’re laughing at me or with me. As long as I bring you a little joy, and maybe get you to think a touch, then everything is fine.

So, get out there and read through the archives and let me know your mind.


Generally speaking, I will update this blog at 12:01 AM EST, unless circumstances require a different time. Most posts are set to post automatically after I finish writing them, so a post may be two-three days old by the time you see it. (This is based solely on my schedule and, as things go, is highly subject to change).

2 Responses to What is The House of Goonery?

  1. Classic says:

    You appear to be a very amusing, interesting human being. Count me as a new fan 😮


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