Comment Guidelines

Commenting on anyone’s blog is a privilege, not a right. This is the case here at the House of Goonery. I value intelligent, rational discourse and would rather those of you who prefer name calling and other less than bright activities to please post elsewhere.

First time posters are required to register with WordPress and have at least one approved comment before you are awarded the ability to post without moderation. Any posts which contain links (even one) are automatically held for moderation regardless if you have posted here before. This is a feature to prevent spammers from getting free advertisement space.

I would ask your patience when it comes to moderated comments, as I can, at times, be rather slow in checking for comments. Rest assured, however, that as soon as I am aware of the comments awaiting moderation, I review them and either allow or disallow them.

My goal is to have a lively blog with lots of discussion and discourse. It’s fine if you want to disagree with me; I’m not looking for a group of loyal sycophants, here. I am looking for honest conversation.

The general rule is be polite and you can continue to post. Be a dick and you’re gone. No exceptions.

Enjoy the blog and happy commenting.