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Finding my Muse

When I sit down to write a blog entry on this blog, it’s usually because I’ve thought of something or I’ve seen something that I want to write about. Usually that “something” has ticked me off or I see it … Continue reading

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Unfolding Revelations of Enlightenment: The Basics

The Unfolding Revelations of Enlightenment: The Basics What is Unfolding Revelations? What are the core beliefs of this path? Is this another form of Wicca? Is there a secret handshake? All these questions, and more, will be answered in time. … Continue reading

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Blog Series: A Primer for New Readers

Long time or sharp eyed readers will note that I have several series of entries on this blog which I update with varying degrees of regularity. For new readers, or for anyone interested, I offer this list to help you … Continue reading

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ISD: Full Circle?

Or am I forming a giant “P?” I have, once again, been thinking about the Wiccan faith. For a long time, and still do, feel that Wicca is much more formalized and regimented than anyone would care to admit. (Rather … Continue reading

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