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Angels & Demons

I saw this movie today. Pretty decent flick. The film was well put together and Tom Hanks turned in a wonderful performance, as I’ve grown accustomed to expecting from him. I honestly did not expect to like this film and … Continue reading

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Infinite Self Discovery

Infinite Self Discovery. When I think of this, I get a feeling of new horizons, new plateau’s to be crested and explored. All within myself. These new vistas of the future, of what it is to be ME. Of Who … Continue reading

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Social Justice: Who’s it for, anyway?

The following is from a paper I wrote while in college in 2003. I have updated it, somewhat and corrected some initial errors, but otherwise, I present it as it was originally written. Take it for what it is worth. … Continue reading

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101 Things, Part Four

I’m working on a screen play. I don’t want to give too much away, but it is an alien invasion plot, with a twist that I don’t think has been done before.

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Will 2010 be ‘The Year of the Bible?’

I found this at Congressional Bills: 111th Congress Catalog. By itself, it’s relatively harmless. But read through it and see if it disturbs you. [111th CONGRESS House Bills] [From the U.S. Government Printing Office via GPO Access] [DOCID: hc121ih.txt] [Introduced … Continue reading

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101 Things About Me, Part Three

I’m currently trying to lose 60 lbs. (I weigh 250 right now). So, I’ve put myself on a 2,000 calorie diet. I eat a banana, an orange, and some pears for breakfast, a sensible, but large, lunch (my biggest meal … Continue reading

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DISCUSSION: Gay Marriage: Should it be Legal or Not?

All right conservatives, you have put out a call for a discussion on Gay marriage. Let’s have one. Right here. Right now. In a story from CNN’s Political Tracker (and sent in by a regular reader; Thanks Skatha!), the National … Continue reading

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CDC Video: Symptoms of Swine Flu

A video produced by the Center for Disease Control and distributed on YouTube. Take a listen and protect yourself and your children. Here’s the link to the site mentioned in the video: CDC Information about Swine Flu Above all, don’t … Continue reading

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