The Meaning of Life

For years, philosophers have tried to find the meaning of life. Some religions believe that they know the meaning of life and present their ideas in the various “holy” books that litter the planet.

What do you think? Is there a meaning to life or are we just here?

My Opinion on the Matter
The more I think on this topic, the more I think we are just here and there is no real point, no grand plot, no manifest destiny to the sum of human existence. In short, we live and we die and that’s pretty much it.

Feel free to share your thoughts, below.

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WonderGoon is seeking enlightenment and questions everything.
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4 Responses to The Meaning of Life

  1. bwinwnbwi says:

    Thinking our way back to where we came from (a homecoming of sorts) is “the boundary problem of the meaning of life.” Most of us know our birthplace, but that’s not good enough—a more universal homecoming is what’s called for, — which is one reason why we have so many religions! But, I’m not talking about the use of scripture to justify this or that religion. Language cannot describe what I mean by “homecoming.” The homecoming path that I am talking about runs through language,– language at its source. In Cartesian Linguistics (1966, p. 29), Noam Chomsky says: “The limitless possibilities of language expression are constrained only by rules of concept formation and sentence formation, these being in part particular and idiosyncratic but in part universal, a common human endowment.” Our “homecoming” must not only take us back to “the individual as stranger,” but also to the human endowment which entails “concept formation at its source” (double bonus here, language and number arise from the same source). This ultimate goal is what life’s meaning is all about, but it is probably not for everyone. For “those who seek,” though, the journey, I am told, is no less rewarding than the actual destination!


  2. storydad says:

    I don’t think there is a meaning to life other than what we decide to give it. I believe that ultimatly we are part of the ongoing complex chemical reactions of this planet—we are no more special than Phenol changing color when it hits pH 8.3.

    It’s been said that with infinite creation everything will happen—given infinity, even the unique combination of materials to form a tennis shoe will occur naturally. And it has, we are that vehicle. We are as natural a force as weather or light, doing our part in existance simply by existing.


  3. Skatha says:

    42. The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything.

    Need I say more?


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