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Feedback on the Open Thread Thursday feature

Looking over the last three Open Thread Thursday’s, I see that the June 2nd Plutocracy entry got 43 hits. The June 9th Megachilidae got 56 hits, and last Thursday, June 16th, got 18 hits (as of this writing). So, I’m … Continue reading

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The Meaning of Life

For years, philosophers have tried to find the meaning of life. Some religions believe that they know the meaning of life and present their ideas in the various “holy” books that litter the planet. What do you think? Is there … Continue reading

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Poll: Do you believe in the New World Order?

A friend of mine recently commented on my Facebook profile (we were discussing yesterday’s post about Kingism is the new McCarthyism) that Peter King is a puppet for the new world order. My first thought was that he was being … Continue reading

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