Blog-A-Day Topic: Would you rather be super-intelligent or fantasticly beautiful? (Or both?)

Note: This topic was suggested for the Post-A-Day/Week Challenge.

Would you rather be super-intelligent or extremely beautiful? (Or both?)

I think anyone would want to be beautiful, to some degree, especially given our superficial, beauty-obsessed culture. However, I think I’d choose to be super-intelligent over beauty.

For one thing, I’m more than a face. I have something to offer the world based on more than superficiality, which is what beauty is.

Megan Fox: Sure she's pretty, but what else does she offer?

Megan Fox is a great example. She’s a beautiful woman, without a doubt. She’s also a talented actress and performer. However, and will all due respect to Ms. Fox, that beauty will fade one day.

Intelligence will be with you for many years. Far beyond your physical beauty. Sure, it will fade over time, but it will last far longer than beauty.

Now, if I was beautiful and smart, well, that would be the best of both worlds, right? Alas, this is not the case, as anyone who’s read this blog, or has seen me in person, can tell you.

The point is, though, that our mental faculties last a lot longer than our physical beauty, despite all the products out there that promise to fight aging. If I was immortal, like this guy, I’d be alright.

Adrian Paul as Duncan MacLeod

I could even handle the sword fights.

In any case, beauty fades, but intelligence lasts longer. I’ll take the brain power over the beauty any day.

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