Why Do I Bother?

I don’t know why I bother to continue with this blog. Stubbornness, I guess. No one ever comes here. No one reads what I write. Dwindling page views, not that there were many to begin with.

Everything here is drivel. My wife doesn’t even bother to read this and my friends don’t either. Why should I bother, then?

It’s not like I have any talent for writing.

About WonderGoon

WonderGoon is seeking enlightenment and questions everything.
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4 Responses to Why Do I Bother?

  1. malifaxis says:

    No one reads my shit either, man… but don’t give up.

    It doesn’t matter if they read it, you write it because you want to, and you need to. Do this for yourself, not for them.

    My wife never reads my crap either. It’s no biggy.


  2. Skatha says:

    I agree. Besides. I didn’t know you’d started blogging again. It’s always nice for me to read something written by someone I know and agree with in most ways. Everything else I get bombarded with only serves to tell me how wrong I am. But ultimately, malifaxis is right: do it for yourself. Anyone who writes a personal blog should think about it in terms of it being a personal journal that you don’t necessarily intend for others to read, they just can. Now that I know you’re blogging again, I’ll come back for more.


    • WonderGoon says:

      *bows* You show great wisdom, Skatha. I had, indeed, forgotten why I do this. I enjoy the writing as much as I enjoy the conversation, the discussion of the topic. For me, it is an act of pure creationism that reveals a little more of who I am with each passing post. To me, that’s quite exciting. To others, probably dead boring. As you know from our Facebook interactions, I am dreadfully boorish. No reason I can’t share my boring life with everyone else.

      I hope to have something else up in the next day or two. Thanks for stopping by again.


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