The Job Crisis

We’ve all heard about how unemployment is hovering around 10% (with some folks saying its more like 20%). In times past, when such calamities have hit America, I was always fortunate to not be affected. I’m not sure why. Perhaps I was simply too young to truly understand what was going on (and I am sure there are some who would say I still don’t understand. To them, I say fuck you). Or I was simply fortunate enough to dodge the proverbial bullet.

This time, however, I am one of those in the 10-20% who cannot find work. It’s not for lack of trying, however. I’ve looked on all the major job hunting sites, Jobster, Careerbuilder, Hot Jobs. Even Craigslist. While most of these sites are very good at presenting information about job opportunities, they suffer from one major limitation: the inability of the end user to stop job listings for work-at-home scams or military jobs.

(And before anyone tries to blast me about military opportunities, I’ve served in the Armed Forces of the United States already. Which is precisely why I don’t need to see the ads, since I cannot rejoin the military. All such ads do is waste my time.)

In addition to online searching, I’ve done the traditional pavement pounding (for those unfamiliar with the technique, it involves actually leaving the house and asking someone face-to-face for a job) to no avail.

Now, before anyone thinks I am whining about not being employed, (okay, a little), just understand I’ve been unemployed for sometime now and I really need to return to work.

So, if anyone has any leads on work, (work-at-home “opportunities” are not welcome, nor is anyone from Nigeria wanting my bank account information), please let me know.

I don’t know if, or when, things will improve in this country. Maybe when we start working together instead of tearing each other apart. Of course, this will never happen, since there are those in this country who’s only function is to attack others, like rabid dogs, even when they’ve suffered a horrific tragedy. I think you know of whom I speak.

Well, maybe one day we can move past such limiting people and actually grow into a well rounded, functioning society.

But I’m not holding my breath.

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WonderGoon is seeking enlightenment and questions everything.
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4 Responses to The Job Crisis

  1. Skatha says:

    Have you tried any of the local employment agencies (some refer to them as temp agencies) for a little something? I wish I could be of more help. 😦


    • WonderGoon says:

      I haven’t tried them in awhile. The last time I tried one, I specifically asked for clerical work or data entry; something inside, since I am tired of working outdoors all the time.

      They wanted to send me on construction jobs, like high steel type jobs. No thanks. I respect anyone who’s courageous enough to do that type of work, but when it comes to heavy construction, I can’t do it.

      I am still going to try, though. Maybe one of them will get it through their thick heads that I don’t want a construction job.

      Thanks for the comments.



  2. Zooey says:

    My son is in the same predicament — he just came up against almost 100 people applying for a convenience store position — but luckily I have student loans to (hopefully) tide us over — cuz I wouldn’t be finding a job either. It’s scary out there.

    Good luck, Goon.


    • WonderGoon says:

      Thanks for the well wishes, Zooey. I hope you, and your son, find something soon.

      Thanks for stopping by (I love The Zoo, by the way. Great site.)

      For those who are not aware, The Zoo is one of the best blogs out there. You owe it to yourself to take a moment and visit the site. Excellent blog.

      Thanks for stopping by, Zooey.



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