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I Live! I Breathe! I Am ALIVE!

Well, sort of. Sorry I’ve not been posting on a regular basis, not that I was anywhere near regular, except when I failed at the whole Post-A-Day Challenge last year. (If your are masochistic, look through the archives and read … Continue reading

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The Insidious Nature of Horizontal Stripes

My wife and I just returned from Wal-Mart, as I write this, (5:07 AM 10 May) and I noticed something at Wal-Mart I wanted to post about. We were in the womens section, looking for jeans for my wife, when … Continue reading

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Knee Deep in a Cluster Fuck: My Visit to Wal Mart

A Word of Advise: If you don’t like the word FUCK, please don’t read this entry. You can fuck off, instead. I hate going to Wal Mart. This is not really Wal Mart’s fault, not directly anyway. (Unless you count … Continue reading

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Acetaminophen Should be a Controlled Substance

As many of you know from reading this blog for any length of time, I’ve been feeling a tad under the weather of late. Nothings changed, in that regard; I still feel like poo. I took a dose of Day … Continue reading

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