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What Constitutes “Manhood?”

I once asked this question on my Facebook profile, and got some interesting responses. I wanted to ask this again with a (hopefully) wider audience. What constitutes “manhood” in our society? Is manhood decided, or defined, by our genitalia alone? … Continue reading

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A Ritual for Murder, Chapter One

NOTE: With the exception of light editing, this story appears here as it originally did on another of my blogs (which is now shut down). I want to thank Shaitan from The Pagan Circle for saving this for me, as … Continue reading

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Dehumanizing Muslims: A Legal Hate Crime?

Police: No evidence of hate crime at local Mosque A Mosque in Dayton Ohio was gassed and it wasn’t considered a hate crime by local police. This is another giant step forward in the efforts of the extreme right to … Continue reading

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