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A Message from John Cusack and MoveOn.org

Can you tell them apart? Cause I can’t! Democracy in Action

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Floating Wind Powered Turbines: An Energy Solution?

We are facing a serious challenge in this country. We need to find real solutions to our energy problems. If wind turbines are one option, then the technology must be brought to bear with all of our collective devotion and ingenuity. If we are to solve this energy crisis, wind turbines must be placed where they do the most good. Continue reading

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Video: “If you don’t vote, you’re a moron.”

This is Craig Ferguson. Listen to what he has to say.

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See How They Lie

While I respect John McCain and thank him for his service to this country in a hrrible war (that’d be Viet Nam, for those who don’t remember), I just don’t think he needs to be President. I don’t think being a POW for 5-1/2 years is a qualifying trait for the Presidency. Continue reading

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