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I got nuthin.’

I’ve got nothing for today. Sorry. I was going to post a HUGE long-winded post about how we should return to an agrarian society, but, I lost interest in writing it. I’ll probably do it later in the week. Instead, … Continue reading

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Solar Powered Street Lights in Baghdad; Where’s Ours?

Solar Streetlights Come To Baghdad The above link is to an National Public Radio news story. Give it a listen, if you will. When I was listening to this, I couldn’t help but think, “If a war torn country like … Continue reading

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Floating Wind Powered Turbines: An Energy Solution?

We are facing a serious challenge in this country. We need to find real solutions to our energy problems. If wind turbines are one option, then the technology must be brought to bear with all of our collective devotion and ingenuity. If we are to solve this energy crisis, wind turbines must be placed where they do the most good. Continue reading

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