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Open Thread Thursday: Uncanny X-Men

From Wikipedia: (Uncanny X-Men) Uncanny X-Men, first published as The X-Men, is the flagship Marvel Comics comic book series for the X-Men franchise, featuring the adventures of the eponymous group of mutant superheroes. While hugely successful now, the book was … Continue reading

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Should Religious Icons be Represented in Art or Popular Culture?

Following the flap over showing Mohammed’s likeness in a comic a few years ago and the recent destruction of a photograph showing a crucifix in urine, the natural question to ask is should religious iconography be banned from modern art … Continue reading

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X-Men: First Class Trailer

WARNING! Comic Book related RANT ahead! Read at your own risk! [RANT ON] Hmmfpf. From the preview here, I see Beast (or a Best-like character), someone who should have been cast as The Wasp in The Avengers movie, and a … Continue reading

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My Total Party Kills, Part Two

Yesterday, I told you about my two AD&D TPK’s. Today, I want to discuss superheroes. Specifically, HERO Games’ Champions system. The TPK happened one night at college. We had gathered a small group of players, most I’d never gamed with … Continue reading

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