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From the Archives: On Rights

I originally posted this back on September 7, 2008. I thought it was still relevant, given the state this country is in and the almost single-minded push to strip all our rights away from us. The post appears as it … Continue reading

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Happy New Years, Everyone!

Title pretty much says it all. Everyone be safe out there. Have fun, but have some sense to have a designated driver along. Be safe and I hope to see all of you in 2010. Goon Staying home, as usual.

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Now for Something Completely Silly: Iron Man DUI Video

I love Iron Man, the Marvel Comics character. The recent film was superb. Here’s a YouTube film someone made of Iron Man/Tony Stark’s famous drinking habit getting him into trouble. Enjoy!

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On Rights

On Rights It is illegal to commit suicide in this country. This begs the question: Who owns my life? Is it me, or the government? If I am the owner of my life, then it is my choice to commit … Continue reading

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Is Georgia’s Ban on Sunday Alcohol Sales Unconstitutional?

I live in Georgia. In Georgia, they restrict alcohol sales on Sunday, mainly, I think, because the Georgia politicians (who are mostly Christian) don’t want to offend their church going constituents. However, these laws are predicated on religious beliefs, which … Continue reading

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