Considerations: Your Input is Needed, Please

Lately I’ve felt I’ve outgrown the need for  “House of Goonery.” Maybe it’s because I am older, more jaded, or what have  you that I feel I’ve moved beyond the need for a space, or rather a title for a space, which points out my quirks to readers rather than allowing those quirks to shine through on their own.

My one overriding goal with this forum is to create a space where serious debate can occur, but one where humor is always near the surface of the conversation. In other words, a place where serious topics can be discussed while maintaining my sense of humor.

It’s also been something of a dream of mine to have some of my content shared far and wide anf have it taken seriously by all who read it.

People tend to take content serious if it originates from a serious sounding site, be it a blog or other news site.

“The House of Goonery” doesn’t easily lend itself to a serious conversation or site. In all honesty, I get frustrated with this forum, not because of the services offered, but because of how I’ve handled this platform in regards to the disimination of my ideas.

I have to wonder, is my writing style, my tendency towards self-depreciation as humor off-putting to some? Or do I just suck as a writer?

Betting it’s the writer suckage.

I doubt seriously any of this will happen, especially the shared widely part.

Still, weirder things have happened, right?

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WonderGoon is seeking enlightenment and questions everything.
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10 Responses to Considerations: Your Input is Needed, Please

  1. CW says:

    Ultimately, I think it’s the content of your site that will bring people in, not the title of your blog. If you don’t already, start using tags. That has been the single driving force for bringing in readers to the blog I share with three other friends. Use as many tags as you can think of, too, not just ones that are obvious. Now I don’t know how I managed it, but on another of my blogs, it will suggest tags I’d forgotten or even ones that are similar to what I already have because people will use different word combinations when searching. You might also create a new blog that is geared specifically to an interest of yours and they will be linked together here on WordPress. That’s what has happened with my British blog. I started that one because I love Brits and people have wandered over to my personal blog because the two go together in my WP account. I don’t post daily to any one of my 4 blogs and that’s okay. For me the biggest issue has been getting people to respond to anything I say. At best, I get a ‘like’.


  2. CW says:

    Oh and there’s always the old stand-by of finding other blogs to comment on and hope they visit you and return.


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