I Live! I Breathe! I Am ALIVE!

Well, sort of.

Sorry I’ve not been posting on a regular basis, not that I was anywhere near regular, except when I failed at the whole Post-A-Day Challenge last year. (If your are masochistic, look through the archives and read some of those posts. Just have a bucket nearby to puke in).

In any event, as you can see from the cheery opening, things are pretty much the same round here. I am still working, still writing my novel (it’s a steaming turd missile), and still trying to get back into school.

Ideas for posts hit me at odd moments when I’m at work. The other day, I got a brilliant idea for a post, went inside (I was taking out the garbage at the time) to look for a piece of paper to write it down when I was waylaid by people who have no real interest in me beyond my ability to lift and move things for them.

Seriously, can no one do their own damn jobs anymore? *sigh* (This is a rhetorical question, by the way. I don’t need to see a huge, long-winded response blaming all America’s woes on poor people, thanks).

Despite that, things are mostly okay. Therapy is . . . . helping, but not nearly as much as getting on the right meds. And I’m not talking about antidepressants or meds to help my concentration, either. But, of course, I cannot get those meds, since there are numerous hoops that I need to jump through like a trained monkey to get them. The upswing to that is they are on the $4 list at Wal-Mart, so, should I be allowed to get them, it won’t cost a lot.

If I could get them, then I don’t think I would need as much wellbutrin or lamictil.

But enough about all that.

Normally, I’d be blogging about politics, but, what could I add to the cacophony of noise that would make a difference? Not much, I’d say. Just another opinion in a sea of opinions, and this one not even remotely interesting, since so many people take such pains to tell me how wrong I am about things.


I live. I breathe. I am (sort of) alive. Just existing instead of living. Can that truly be called “alive?”

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WonderGoon is seeking enlightenment and questions everything.
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6 Responses to I Live! I Breathe! I Am ALIVE!

  1. Skatha says:

    Your words and thoughts matter a great deal to me and I read them faithfully. It is my own fault that I haven’t responded to this shit before now. 😛

    You know, sometimes there are friends we have that we may not talk to a lot, but we know they’re there. Their* lives are plugging along same as ours, but for whatever reason they can’t always communicate as often as they’d like. When one tries to think back on how the friendship came into being, the origins escape memory. It seems like the friendship has always just been there… like magic.

    As for the political stuff… meh. I have a lot of apathy for this country right now. Yes, that’s right. I simply don’t give a fuck. I don’t think my vote counts for shit nor does my opinion. But my life and your life is worth more than the shit politicians continuously blanket this country with. I would encourage you to keep writing about your political views because sometimes you’re the only one I have to agree with. I’d be lost without ya.

    For the record, no, no one can do their own fucking jobs anymore. It’s down to laziness. We’re all guilty of it, just some more than others. America’s woes belong squarely on the shoulders of the assholes in D.C. 😉

    And finally, go to the store and buy one of those lil notepads that fit in your breast/back pocket and carry it around with you everywhere. Along with a pen or pencil. That way when brilliant ideas pop into your head, you don’t have to go hunting for anything. It’s already with you. 😉

    * Did you notice how I used all three versions of that word right in a row? *laughs insanely*


  2. Skatha says:

    Forgot to add that you should really read my latest post on *my* blog about Coursera. 😉


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