Therapy Issues

As some may recall, if you’ve read this blog for any length of time, that I am in therapy. For the most part, I’ve got what I needed out of it: a place to vent, air my frustrations, and work on a few behind the scenes issues, (and a few that are out in front; re: self-esteem).

The arrangement we have with the therapist is that she will see either my wife or myself (or both) during our appointments. That arrangement was set up so that we could have the maximum flexibility.

She’s canceled one appointment due to inclement weather (a tornado). That I understand. No one wants to be blown away by a tornado.

She didn’t call on that occasion. Forced us to drive to the office in less than ideal conditions.

Today, I had an appointment at 5p. I get there a few minutes before the scheduled time thinking that I am finally going to get a chance to talk about my issues. Maybe try to start feeling a bit better.

But, no. She decided to cancel. Again without a phone call.

So, imagine my utter and complete disappointment and crushing bitterness at the prospect of going another few weeks without talking to someone about these issues. Real progress was beginning to take shape and she up an interrupts the whole gorram process.

So, another frustratingly bitter day to go along with all the other frustratingly bitter days since I was born.

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5 Responses to Therapy Issues

  1. storydad says:

    Well, on the bright side, it gave you something to post about again.

    It’s unfortunate that your therapist seems to be not on board with the therapy plan. I know your options are limited.

    I’d say you can always talk to me, but I doubt that would be very theraputic, given my lack of training and general failure at life. Cathartic perhaps…


    • WonderGoon says:

      I don’t see you as being a “general failure at life,” Storydad. Like me, you’ve hit a rough patch. In time, we both will be better for our needs and life will continue.

      Well, life will continue no matter what.

      Thanks for the offer of an ear. You know (or should) that the same is true in reverse.


  2. Skatha says:

    While I know it’s so much easier to focus on the negative (a canceled appointment),you have a LOT of positive to dwell on. Even though things are right again in my relationship, I still find myself thinking about the things that can go wrong. But you’ve made progress. You’ve been doing this a while. Friends are always a good supplement to regular therapy too, but I know you have been burnt by people in the past. Still, I will add my offer to storydad’s and say I’m here for you. You may not find this helpful, but I joined a forum a while back where I could talk anonymously about things and get feedback. They helped a lot more than I expected and I’ll gladly share the information with you via email if you’d like.

    You are a good man, no matter what you think, Goon. There aren’t a lot of men I’d gladly call my friend; I can count the total number on one hand. You’re one of those guys. Life’s a bitch and she’s not about to make it easy on any of us and I think it’s good to use all resources you have available to help you. After all, if you were stranded at sea, would you reject the help of a small fishing vessel just because they aren’t the super-equipped Coast Guard?


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