A Possible Direction Change?

So, I’ve been thinking about utilizing WordPress’ Domain Mapping feature and turning this site into wondergoon.com. There are several problems with this idea, however.

The largest one is funds. The service costs $17.99/year. Now, while I think I can afford eighteen bucks, I don’t have it now.

The other major concern is, if I do convert it to a .com address, would it really spur me to write more or offer more insightful commentary about the world in which we live? Or, at the very least, my small, infinitesimal part of it? Not sure about that. What do you think?

Another consideration is adding the ability to upload audio files and creating a podcast show. Not sure if this is the way I want to go, but, I’m willing to entertain the idea (again) if there is some interest from the readership. (Though I cannot promise to be articulate or any more coherent than I am with text). This option costs $19.96 (or thereabouts) and I believe it’s a one time payment. (Which would be nice).

Changing the site over to a .com would allow me the option of generating revenue via a new opt-in service WordPress rolled out about a week ago, called WordAds. I don’t know how much revenue we’re talking about, but my guess is any revenue generated is done via a click-through on the ads type deal.

Of course, I could just buy my own .com somewhere and find a reasonable web host to carry it. This is more expensive, but, I can have much more control over the advertisements and how much I charge for them. And, of course, podcasts.

Let me know what your thoughts are. Are any of these changes of interest to you? What sorts of changes would you find most appealing? What needs to be changed?

I look forward to your thoughts.

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WonderGoon is seeking enlightenment and questions everything.
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2 Responses to A Possible Direction Change?

  1. Skatha says:

    I would do a thorough search to make sure that what WordPress offers is truly the cheaper way to go on any of this. For my paranormal blog, I bought the rights to change the CSS, but in the end, the only thing we really changed was the colour scheme and background. With recent investigation, I discovered that some of the existing templates can, in fact, be modified to the extent we require. The way WordPress is set up doesn’t really give you a clue right off that you can change what exists to suit your needs and make your site uniquely your own. You have to read the descriptions to know what can be changed in each case.

    I can’t justify any expense for you; that comes from you alone and knowing what you can afford. I don’t push people to spend money they don’t have. I’m doing that well enough on my own. LOL

    Didn’t you do video blogging through YouTube previously? In the interest of saving money, I would stick with that. Also, that might be a way for you to grab more readers if the video is visible on YouTube as well. But that would require you to put your URL in the description of every video. 😉


    • WonderGoon says:

      Good advice, Skatha, as usual.

      RE: video blogging. I did do some of that on Facebook, but that was meant for friends and family, not really the sort I want ‘out there,’ not that it isn’t out there being on Facebook, but still.

      I’ve often thought about making a YouTube channel for “WonderGoon.” The real problem is, I’ve got an account there already and the name isn’t “WonderGoon.” I’m not sure if I can change the name or not. I’ll look into that.

      Thanks for commenting.


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