Some Thoughts About Nothing

I was looking over some old files on my computer, when I ran across an exchange between myself and the admin of a website. The conversation’s topic was all about a post of mine being edited by that admin and her, very mistaken, belief that my entire purpose for being on her site was self-promotion.

At the last of the exchange, she basically said I had no idea how to behave on a public website and just wanted me to leave her precious site. Whatever. She doesn’t make me moan or pay my bills, so she’s nothing in my eyes.

The real point of this is that, after three years, those files are still sitting on my computer. All this time I’ve kept those hate-filled words on my computer. It may seem superstitious to some (remember, though, that half the world’s population believe that a man who was his own father and got nailed to a plank of wood is going to give them eternal life in “heaven,” so who’s to say what’s superstitious, anyway?) but I think the presence of those files, and the hate-filled diatribe they contain, have contributed to my run of bad luck.

(Silly, I know, but there it is).

I know I should delete the files, but, as with real life items, I’m something of a pack rat. I don’t throw anything away, honestly. I’m not a hoarder, though! Honest!

(Okay, maybe I am. Shit).

In any event, I just felt I needed to express these thoughts. Sort of a purging of my negative thinking patterns.

There. Done. I’m going to delete those files.

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WonderGoon is seeking enlightenment and questions everything.
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2 Responses to Some Thoughts About Nothing

  1. Skatha says:

    I completely see your logic. I moved back home in 2005 just after Katrina hit the city, but also after dealing with a very unpleasant living situation in South Carolina. For many weeks I had 2-3 boxes still left unpacked and I wasn’t getting much sleep and over all felt unwell (mentally). I finally forced myself to unpack those boxes and felt better almost immediately. Now I am beginning to wonder if the reason I can’t move forward again is because I’m hanging onto a written account of events that happened when I lived in S.C. and that’s somehow making me think that it will happen all over again. Hmmmm… *wanders off to have a think*


  2. storydad says:

    I am a bit late with comment, but I agree with your thoughts.

    I am not superstitious myself, and I doubt the arrangement of a few magnetic particles on a disk has much to do with ….well, anything really…. But the underlying thoughts and attitudes that went into putting them there and then holding onto them no doubt touch on every part of your life.

    I cannot help but think that in reviewing and discarding those words, and in so doing reconsidering and perhaps discarding or at least altering the thoughts and attitudes from which they were born in the first place that you will achieve change in your life as well. If rearranging some magnetic particles help with this process, then it is well worth the effort regardless of the inherent properties of computer disks.

    Positive change and negative change are matters of perspective. If you don’t wish to remain the person that wrote those words, and you now feel yourself moving to a state where such things no longer have a hold on you, then that is positive.

    I wish you the best, and am glad to see positive change in you. You have spent too long in darkness, I hope to see you happy again one day.


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