The (Non-existant) War on Christmas

There is no war on Christmas. Never was. The whole thing is a myth perpetuated by the extremists on the far right. (Note, also, that these are the same people who scream that they have the right to say and do whatever they want in the name of free speech, even if what they are saying is really hate speech (remember Clint McCance?) and everyone just needs to get over it).

In that vein, here’s my Federally protected Free Speech opinion on the non-existent War on Christmas.


The reason? No one gives a flying fuck how you celebrate this season. If you want to believe that a god-who-turned-himself- into-a-man-and-was-his-own-father is responsible for the season, then you have an extremely poor grasp of your own religion.

As a liberal, I really don’t give a FUCK how you celebrate anything, much less this over-commercialized “holiday.” That’s the point of being a liberal: everyone’s way is fine, so long as it doesn’t infringe on anyone else’s way.

Being forced to hear “Jesus is the reason for the season,” and having your shitty religion forced down my throat even more than normal infringes on my right to not hear it.


So go enjoy the holiday season. And keep your religion to yourself.

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6 Responses to The (Non-existant) War on Christmas

  1. I don’t push my beliefs upon anyone, BUT…it seems to me that the commercials and stores and malls are the vehicles for what irritates people the most.
    I am content to pray silently by myself.


  2. Skatha says:

    Well, as someone who is looking forward to Christmas for the first time in a while purely because my new girlfriend’s birthday also happens to be December 25th, there’s not much I can say. Other than no one told me about the war on Christmas. I am always the last to know these things. Always.

    I find the idea that there is a war on Christmas repugnant not from the point of view of a pagan, but from the point of view that there are other religions with other celebrations around that time. More and more I see Religious Zealots (who are different from my Christian friends) don’t care about any other religion but their own. I hate even classifying my friends as Christians because they certainly don’t act like the vast majority of jackasses who profess to be Christians. I’ll have to think of another word or phrase to use when referring to them. Will let you know what I come up with.

    Good to see your post even if it was only to vent. *hugs*


    • WonderGoon says:

      Thanks, Skatha. I understand your point about Christians-who aren’t-jackasses and I would definitely be interested in a term that differentiates them from the vast majority of Holier-than-thou-jackasses that are out there.

      Don’t misunderstand, though, I do like this season. I like the ritual of Yule and the real message of the Christmas season (Peace on Earth and Goodwill towards Everyone). That is what we should celebrate and promote, not the endless commercialism and the exclusionary practice that “The Christmas season is only for Christians because of Christ.”

      I’m simply tired, dead tired, of people telling me to follow Christ’s teachings when his own followers can’t even follow his own teachings. It’s the ultimate “do as I say, not as I do” situation. And I’m tired of giving these fools traction.

      All that aside, thanks for commenting. Glad to hear you’ve got someone special in your life. Much love to the both of you and a very Happy Birthday to her.



  3. finnwn says:

    ….how about “chrissniks”, “krissies”, “NICs” (Non-Irritating Christians), “CANSs” (Christians (who) Are Not Shitheads) – hello, I’ve got it: “Easter Bunnies” – Everyone likes bunnies (real or chocolatey good) and there’s the fornication/multiplication angle which should please the catholic factions. It’s a suitably inoffensive appellation for inoffensive christians…

    Xmas IS in trouble though. There are stories popping up every year about towns in the U.S fighting their Politically Correct denizens over the right to have a xmas trees in front of City Halls and Courthouses. Shopping Malls across North America have decided not to play xmas music with religious content (perfectly nice songs AFAIC), so it’s all jingle bells, santa claus, red-nosed elves, and some of the most execrable ‘music’ man ever inflicted on man.

    And who did the christian brain-trust (oh, look at that, my spellchecker wants a capital “C”, let me try this: pagan – spellchecker doesn’t care. This is interesting… I am a witch (also not worthy of upper-case)….my landlord worships satan (blimey – the anti-christ is afforded more respect than pagans or witches) – forgive the digression, I was merely making the point that upper management at christian HQ borrowed Pagan Sabbats to create their own….but just try telling your boss that you’re not coming to work on Beltane or Samhain – likely to raise an eyebrow but not your salary.

    ….and if anyone’s curious, my spellcheck software doesn’t recognize either of those holidays either…



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