Declaration of Intent (10 Month Progress Report)

Back on 2 January, again on 11 March, and, finally, 1 May, I posted a list of Declarations (read: New Year’s Resolutions) and several updates. I think NYR are fine, but, most people take them to be something of a joke; something we all say we are going to do, but then wink and say “Whatever!” Not I. I’m taking them seriously.

Here, then, is the fourth, and likely next to last, update about how I am doing with those Declarations.

1.) To live a life free of the guilt and shame of others in regards to my own personal choices (or those actions by which are required for my own mental health);

In progress. I’ve made great strides in upholding this Declaration, though, I admit, I’ve stumbled a bit with it, though I am continuing with this and applying it in all my dealings with others.

2.) To remove anyone from my life who lays such guilt or shame on me in a manner not consistent with the ideals and accepted social conventions of “friendship;”

Continuing. I’ve already freed myself from those persons who, for whatever deluded reasons, thought they had some sort of hold on my life, and I am much better off for having done it, thank you. This is an ongoing project.

At the moment, I am satisfied with those I’ve surrounded myself with. No further cuts are required, at this time.

3.) To exercise to obtain the desired weight of no more than 190 lbs;

Progress on this Declaration has enjoyed a surge of success. I am very happy to report I’ve lost 35 pounds, which is exactly one-half of what I need to reach my goal of 190 lbs.

I’ve done this through regular exercise, (walking, primarily) and changing my diet to reduce the intake of junk food. I don’t calorie count, but I do watch the cholesterol and fat of the foods I eat.

I’ve also come great lengths in dealing with portion control. I only eat until I am full and do not push myself to finish my plate.

I am extremely pleased with my progress, to this point.

4.) In accordance with Resolution Three, to alter my dietary intake to facilitate the loss of undesired weight to obtain the desired weight of 190 lbs;

In progress. See previous notation.

5.) To obtain gainful employment;

I originally listed this as “stalled.” In truth it has fun into a wall much larger in scale and scope than even the Great Wall of China and I can find no cracks in it with which to bypass this barrier.

6.) To obtain a rapport with a mental health professional to treat depression, and certain other conditions not enumerated herein, preferably through any gainful employment, as obtained in Resolution Five. Should this not be possible, then obtained independently of any gainful employment insurance (if any);

Contingent on resolving Declaration Five. It has been proven that there is no way to resolve this Resolution, except through Declaration Five.

UPDATE: This is on going. I have recently located a mental health professional that is providing services at no cost through a State funded program. I am stepping back into therapy after having been out of it for so long. It is my hope that through counseling, and if needed, medications, I can get on an even keel and put this thing I laughingly call life in some semblance of order.

Progress reports will be posted independent of further exposition regarding this Declaration herein.

UPDATE: The “certain other conditions” referenced above have become the central focus of therapy. While this pleases me, as this issue needs to be dealt with, it also scares me. Should this issue resolve as I expect it will, it will require a radical shift in my life; a shift which my leave some of my friends wondering why they are still friends with me.

To say nothing of the costs involved.

7.) To accept the Person I know myself to be and to let that Person shine through more than was evidenced in the previous calendar year. It is acknowledged in this Declaration that the Person so noted is beautiful and deserves equal time to shine;

In progress, everyday! Even more so now that Declaration 6 is on its way to being resolved.

8.) To be more patient with others;

Still in progress. I have much work to do in this area.

9.) To create for myself the ideal environment to foster self-growth and self-exploration;

In progress, despite the naysayers and haters.

10.) To complete the outstanding literary works which, in past calendar years, have been begun, then abandoned. With this Resolution, I acknowledge my own failure to complete the Works and take full responsibility for said failure. It is further resolved that, at minimum, one proposal will be forwarded to a publishing company for their consideration by the end of the 2011 calendar year;

Completed. A short story was sent to a magazine a 12 days ago. Updates regarding this Resolution will be forthcoming as new information is received.

UPDATE: No word has been received from the magazine, though it is clearly understood that producing a magazine is time consuming, so I may not hear about it any time soon.

However, it is noted that several months have now passed with no word from the publisher. Therefore, I am assigning a 80% probability that the work in question has been rejected. Be nice if they sent a rejection letter, though. I’d like to add it to my collection. :/

UPDATE: It is confirmed the story has been rejected. I may post some or all of it here for your edification, should anyone show interest.

Well, that’s where I stand at the moment.

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4 Responses to Declaration of Intent (10 Month Progress Report)

  1. Skatha says:

    I’m so glad to read that you’re making progress on these declarations you’ve listed. And I envy you as well. Some days I think there’s something wrong with me when I know that I need to change, but never seem to get around to doing it. I miss your posts a lot, but I know this is something you have to do for yourself in order to make you happy. It seems to be working and will continue to work as time goes on. Things don’t change overnight, but the fact that you can see progress happening is, I know, a big help. Take care of yourself. *hugs*


    • WonderGoon says:

      Thank you, Skatha. It’s been a long road to this point, and I know it’s not over. I have many more improvements I need to complete in order to live the life I want.

      I want to thank you for your continued support. I’m sorry we’ve not had a chance to talk more these past months. I do enjoy our exchanges.

      I, too, miss the ‘grind’ of posting once a day. I do feel I have much to say, though, other concerns are pushing into my time to blog. I hope to return to a regular update schedule in a few weeks.

      Thank you, again, for your continued patience and support.



  2. Skatha says:

    Patience? Who said anything about patience? *laughs*

    You are the brother I’ve never met, but know is out there somewhere. 🙂 Older? Younger? Doesn’t seem to matter. All that matters is that you’re there. You know, I don’t even remember how we met? It’s like you just appeared in my life and I am better for it.

    Keep your chin up and always looking forward. Forget those who would deny you the right to be who you are meant to be and hold tight to those who love and accept you as you are. But be thankful for those nay-sayers, because if it weren’t for them, you wouldn’t have decided to make this stand and truly become yourself in all it’s blessed glory.

    I’m always here for you if you need an ear, or an eyeball or two. *grins*


    • WonderGoon says:

      I cannot immediately recall how we met, either. *laughs* I presume it was through one of our blogs, though.

      I appreciate your comments and support. You’ve just made my day!


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