A Few Thoughts

Politics are always vitriolic. But herein lies a problem. Do we not want Statesmen as leaders? A Statesman is someone who is refined in his dealings with others, particularly his foes. A Statesman doesn’t lower himself to mudslinging and character assassinations. Or they shouldn’t, at any rate.

Yet it seems that what we have in this country are a group of politicians who are more interested in mudslinging and name calling, as if the floor of the Senate and House of Representatives were an elementary school playground. It leaves a bad taste in the mouth of those who prefer a more refined approach to politics and personal interaction.

Yes, they are human. Yes, they are clearly fallible. None of them, on any side or of any particular party, are as highly moralistic as they claim.

They are not Statesmen as our Founding Fathers were. And that bodes ill for America’s future.

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  1. Kristin Brænne says:

    Stay excellent!


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