Soulja Boy Is A Racist Homophobe?

I realized, much to my chagrin, that I had misspelled Soulja Boy’s name. It is now corrected and I apologize for the error.

I do not even know who Soulja Boy is. I’m guessing he’s a rapper of some sort.

Anyway, enjoy the video.

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2 Responses to Soulja Boy Is A Racist Homophobe?

  1. Skatha says:

    Today I am thinking that I should be wary of watching videos you post while drinking. Spewing water all over your keyboard at work just won’t do….

    I ❤ Philip DeFranco!!!


    • WonderGoon says:

      ROFL! Sorry. :p *hands Skatha a towel*

      He brings up some good points, though. Not the least of which is that public ridicule is the best way to shut someone up. I read in the comments on YouTube that Solja Boy took down the comments he had made after seeing what DeFranco said. He probably got a lot of nasty comments, too. I’m guessing on that one, as I have never visited Solja Boy’s Facebook page. I wasn’t even aware of him until I watched this video myself.

      Thanks for commenting.


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