My Favorite You Tube Channel: Khan Academy

This is the beginning of a new feature here at the House of Goonery.What I am going to be doing is occasionally highlighting a particular You Tube channel that I think offers something beyond the cacophony of other videos available on You Tube.

Hopefully, by doing this, I can highlight some, what I think are, deserving people to help get their message and views out there in the public sphere.

As anyone knows who has read this blog for any length of time, I have a tremendous respect for teachers and educators of all types. Educators are the people who teach the next generation the skills they need to succeed in life and the world.

I think education is extremely important and it should be available to anyone, anywhere, regardless of who they are. That it can be done cheaply, is even better. No, I didn’t get my tenses messed up there. I mean it is, right now, being done for free through the tireless work of one man. That man is Salman Khan.

Mr. Khan believes that education should be free to everyone and to that end he has established the Khan Academy to do just that.

The Khan Academy features lessons, all of them done by Salman Khan (he is the lone faculty member) on a range of topics; from history, to math to physics. To date (as of this writing) he’s produced over 2,300 videos. You can view all of his videos on-line at his YouTube channel here.

For his tireless dedication to education, Salman Khan and the Khan Academy are My Favorite YouTube Channel.

Well done, Sir!

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