PolitiWatch: Mitt Romney

GOP candidate Mitt Romney is the topic of this discussion. Herein I will lay out what information is available about Mr. Romney’s platform and a bit about his personal/public life. I will try to focus on the issues, at first, then wrap up the discussion with a section entitled “Opinions” wherein I will lay out my take on his platform and my appraisal of his chances to snab (that’s a technical term) the GOP nomination for president in 2012.

Well, let’s get to it, then, shall we?

Mitt Romney
Former Governor of Massachusetts

Mitt Romney

“I haven’t made a decision yet as to what we’re going to do … but I can tell you that I’m very drawn to the fact that this country needs someone who has private sector experience, because this economy is troubled.” Romney on “GMA,” Feb. 1, 2011.

Age: 63
Birthplace: Detroit
Family: Ann Romney (wife); Children: Tagg, Matt, Josh, Ben, and Craig
Religion: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon)
Current job: Keynote speeches, GOP fundraising
Previous experience: Presidential candidate, 2008
Most Recent Book Written: “No Apology: The Case for American Greatness” (2010)
PAC: Free and Strong America PAC, Inc.
Total 2010 Receipts (from Dec. report): $5,568,466.75
Cash on Hand (from Dec. report): $796,207.59
Total 2010 fundraising for the federal and five state PACs: $6,300,723.52

WATCH: Romney Discusses Run for President in 2012

PROS: Strong name identification. Experienced campaign team with proven fundraising ability. Success as a businessman.

CONS: The Massachusetts health care law that was enacted during his tenure as governor, especially the controversial measure of individual mandates. His religion (Mormon) is still seen by many as an impediment to greater appeal among socially-conservative evangelical Christian primary voters.

(Text and photo from: Republican Presidential Contenders for 2012).

Mr. Romney’s site (Romney: Believe in America) is composed of nothing but an introductory video and a few links to follow him on various social media sites. Where Mr. Romney stands on any given issue isn’t made clear on his site.

“It is time that we put America back on a course of greatness, with a growing economy, good jobs and fiscal discipline in Washington.” -Mitt Romney (introductory video from his site. Link above).

Mr. Romney’s platform, what I can find of it, anyway, seems to be based on solid fiscal responsibility. And that’s good and will work in his favor.

What won’t work is his religion. (Aside: since when is a candidate’s religion so important in American politics?) He’s a Mormon and, like the information above states, Romney is going to have a tough time selling that aspect of himself to the wider American people.

Mitt is known as a flip-flopper, so honestly I don’t see him winning the Big Chair.

Percentages of votes received by demographic:
African-American: 15%
Women: 20%
White Evangelicals: 15%*
Mormons: 60%
GLBT: 5%
Hispanics: 10%

(* One might wonder why I give him such a low number here. Among many evangelicals, the Mormon religion is not a Christian religion and this will color the mindset of those voters).

Romney is the favored GOP candidate and, according to one poll, the choice of 17% of those who’ve already made up their minds about who to vote for. Of the remaining Republicans in the race, he’s the most well-known and that could garner him a few second looks from swing voters, depending on the message he crafts.

Chance to be Nominated for President: 65%
Percent of the total vote in a general election: 45% (Obama retains the White House).

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