President Obama on Replacing “No Child Left Behind”

This plan sounds like its a lot better than “No Child Left Behind,” frankly. What are your thoughts? Please share them, below.

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4 Responses to President Obama on Replacing “No Child Left Behind”

  1. Tim Rueb says:

    I think that Ted Kenedy would roll over in his grave if his “No Child Left Behind” plan was replaced with a system of “Competition Grants” that only rewarded the schools that improved and made all the other schools feel like second class institutions unable to get their grant money from the government.

    I don’t think the president goes far enough. I think a “Citizen Voucher” system would create even more competition. Schools would have to improve if they wanted students to come to their school. Families could vote with their feet. Now that would be fixing the problem from the “Ground Up” as our president has deemed so important.

    Thanks for sharing that video. Good luck on your Post a Week goal this year.


  2. storydad says:

    I agree, “No Child Left Behind” is crap, and needs replaced. The policies that it creates are counter productive, removing education in the interest of simply teaching the test, which itself is not very good.

    I also agree that individual vouchers are the way to acheive that goal. While not a perfect system, as it would ultimatly favor the wealthy in educational excellence, it does not change much from the current state. Private schools already exist and have since the beginning of formal education in the dim recesses of history.

    Any program administered and awarded by the government is going to be subject to the same shortfalls of “No Child Left Behind”. The schools will not focus on education, but rather on whatever arbitrary criteria has been cooked up by the stellar minds in the government.

    So long as all schools eligible for the voucher system are required to meet basic educational requirements with no further regulation, Individual Vouchers allow parents to choose the type and location of schooling for their children—schools that don’t perform may close, but the system will take advantage of the capitalist underpinnings of our society: Where a need exists with profit to be made an entreprenuer will fill it.


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