101 Things About Me: Part Fourteen

I don’t like loud music or loud noises. I prefer low-key conversations to high-speed talk-a-thons where nothing gets resolved. Don’t get me wrong, now. Intense conversations are good now and again, too; I just prefer for them to not devolve into shouting matches.

I also don’t like being interrupted, which, invariably happens when I talk with someone. I guess they think their ideas are more important than mine are. (To them, they are. To me? Not so much).

About WonderGoon

WonderGoon is seeking enlightenment and questions everything.
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2 Responses to 101 Things About Me: Part Fourteen

  1. Skatha says:

    I like loud music… occasionally. I just think some songs are better louder. Of course when the song in question is over, I turn the volume back down.

    I try not to interrupt someone else’s talking, but unfortunately I inevitably do if I am excited about what I need to say. 😦


    • WonderGoon says:

      I guess most people are like that, too, Skatha. It’s not a big deal, really. It does lead me to avoid large discussions in public about politics, for example, since I get shouted down and interrupted constantly. Here, in a text format, I can get my point across and feel fulfilled. That almost never happens in real life.

      Thanks for commenting.


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