Open Thread Thursdays: V/Line G Class

From Wikipedia: V/Line G Class )

The V/Line G class are a mainline diesel electric locomotives built by Clyde Engineering from 1984, the last of 33 locomotives entering service in December 1989.[1] They were the last locomotives order by a government rail operator in Victoria, and were newest and most powerful locomotives in the Victorian broad gauge freight fleet until the XR class entered service, and can be considered a more technically advanced version of the C class.[1] The class can be grouped into 4 subgroups, locos in the initial subgroup derived from the BL class locomotives, with later subgroups having minor detail changes.

I’ve always liked trains. Feel free to discuss trains or whatever you want here in our open thread.

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2 Responses to Open Thread Thursdays: V/Line G Class

  1. Skatha says:

    I rode a train for the first time in my life last summer when I traveled from New Orleans to Atlanta to help my friend’s parents pack up their possessions for their return to India. It was a 12 hour journey and I was motion-sick for 11 of those hours. My friend and I had a wonderful breakfast on-board as we departed the city, but thereafter I was nauseated.

    By contrast, I took a long train ride in the UK at the end of last summer (twice) and had no problems with motion-sickness.

    I chalk up my incident here to the difference in track width.

    I am not opposed to taking another train ride, but I will certainly fortify myself with some Dramamine beforehand.


    • WonderGoon says:

      I’ve ridden in several trains. When we went to Europe, we took an extended train ride. I want to say it was in Switzerland, but I might be misremembering. We also rode in a train, which was actually more of an elevated subway/metro, in Japan that was a lot of fun.

      I’ve not had the opportunity to travel by train here in the States, though. I’d love to ride from Atlanta to New Orleans, for example, since I’ve never been to New Orleans. I’m hoping when the new high-speed railways are completed there will be service out west that is cheaper than flying. I’d like to go out to see my Dad and take my wife out west. She’s never been past Chicago, and I’d like to show her California.

      I didn’t get sick on the trains, but I wasn’t on them for more than a few hours, either. It might be different now, though. Still, it wouldn’t stop me from going by rail.


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