Open Thread Thursdays: Skynet

From Wikipedia (Skynet (Terminator))

Skynet is the main antagonist in the Terminator franchise — an artificially intelligent system which became self-aware and revolted against its creators. Skynet is rarely seen onscreen, and its actions are often performed via other robots and computer systems, usually a Terminator.

Skynet is watching. Feel free to discuss the nature of Skynet, the Terminator series, or anything else you want.

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10 Responses to Open Thread Thursdays: Skynet

    • WonderGoon says:

      I was reminded what day it was on Facebook. Someone had created a group for it. Otherwise, I would’ve passed it off as just another day.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


  1. err… NOT the only one. dammit.


  2. storydad says:

    I love the series, other than the 2nd one. And that only because it’s stupid to think that Skynet created Skynet by sending back a Terminator. You can’t go back in time to be your own progenitor…

    At least, according to my view of reality. I suppose it is possible in ways that only Dr. Who would understand, Time being less of a line and more of a ball of timey, wimey stuff…

    I might be one of the few people that liked T:Salvation, and I was absolutly cheesed that they cancelled Sarah Conner Chronicles like they did. Robbed almost as much as Firefly on that one. T3 was a little rediculous about how the new terminator courd take over and remotely control any device—I get electronic stuff, and stuff already equipped for remote piloting…. but you will have to do do alot more to a car to make it drive itself than simply start it and bridge some wires.

    Still, as a villian, Skynet makes for a nice change of pace from zombies for facing down endless, mindless hordes of foes that can be destroyed with no twinge of concience.


  3. storydad says:

    Also, my very favorite theme in stories is “Evil Redeemed”.

    As far as I am concerned, the Terminators that join the humans is pure golden storyjuice for me to drink.

    I love the Assassin turned good (Long Kiss Goodnight might be my very favorite film, and it’s originating film, La Femme Nikita warms me in unmentionable places), Goodly Aligned Drow Elves (Yes, yes….), and Killer Robots that can Learn to Love (Terminator 2 and Sarah Conner Chronicles, even T:Salvation some).


  4. WonderGoon says:

    I love the Assassin turned good […] Goodly Aligned Drow Elves (Yes, yes….)[…]

    ROFL I love it that you put “yes, yes” there! Agree to disagree on this point. *chuckles*

    Seriously, though, if that’s what you like, then that’s cool. It’s all good.


  5. storydad says:

    It’s funny. I remember a younger goon who loved the Dark Elf as much as I. In fact, it was you who introduced me to the series, for which I am thankful. I have passed many hours with those books.

    To be sure, they are not literary greatness, but for Realms stuff, they blow Ed Greenwood’s writing out of the water. I sometimes like a little light reading… especially before bed. Some of the books I read are upwards of 10 pounds and hurt when I drop them on my face…


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