101 Things About Me: Part Twelve

I prefer soft shell taco’s over the traditional hard shells. (The hard shells hurt my teeth.)

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3 Responses to 101 Things About Me: Part Twelve

  1. storydad says:

    I’m with you on that, especially as my teeth have an annoying habit of dissolving and/or exploding out my head on a semi-regular basis.

    I have found with my changing tastes that I do appreciate getting one hard with a few soft tacos at taco bell though…. I think it’s because I started eating corn chips and salsa a few years back as a healthier snack than regular fried chips and something like french onion dip.


  2. Skatha says:

    I do eat the hard shell tacos if I buy them at Taco Bell, but I don’t buy the Taco Bell brand shells at the supermarket. I do find those are harder than the ones you get at the restaurant. Unnecessarily so.


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