Video: Funny Cats

You’ve probably seen some of these before, but I thought I’d post something funny today, since the last few posts have been rather serious. Hope it makes you laugh, or at the least, smile a bit.


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2 Responses to Video: Funny Cats

  1. storydad says:

    That stuff is why I am a cat person. You can’t get quite the same level of awesome out of a dog.

    When I had a Ferret in my early teens he would do funny stuff like that too, but the ones I got later were not as fun.

    I have seen cats do all that stuff except for the high-fives. I have no idea how you get 2 cats to do that, but it’s neat. Kittens will do all kinds of whacky stuff.


    • WonderGoon says:

      I’m actually a dog person, myself. I like cats, don’t get me wrong, but I prefer dogs. Dogs you can train and, to me anyway, they are a better pet for my temperament. I love my cats, but they sooo get on my nerves sometimes. I guess that’s part of the charm, but still.

      Ah well. Glad you enjoyed the video and thanks for commenting.


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