On Charlie Sheen

I’m not going to make fun of Charlie Sheen. To me, that’s cruel. I don’t think its very funny to make fun of someone who is so obviously hurting and crying out for help.

And it is a cry for help. If anything, this is a mark against us, as a culture, that we, almost collectively, turn away from someone who is in need.

Has he done some questionable things? Absolutely, and he should be held responsible for them. But do those questionable things remove from us the obligation to help our fellow-man? Absolutely not.

Mr. Sheen is crying out for help. If we are a just society, if we are a compassionate society, if we are a society founded on helping others, then we owe it to those who harm themselves to aid them in their time of need.

If he refuses help, as he appears to have done, then we can, at the least, let the man alone to destroy himself in peace and without the public scrutiny and jokes.

It is a sad turn of affairs that Charlie Sheen has taken these steps down this dark road of self-destruction. It is an even sadder commentary on us, on our culture and society, that instead of helping our fellow-man in his time of need, that instead we turn to ridicule and jocularity at his expense and for our own amusement.

I wonder who is in need of more help: Charlie Sheen or us?

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WonderGoon is seeking enlightenment and questions everything.
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