Christian Hate in Action

From Raw Replay

This is just disgusting. The rabid hatred these “Christians” show towards someone of another faith highlights everything that’s wrong with American Christianity.

This is what FOX News has wrought in this country.

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2 Responses to Christian Hate in Action

  1. storydad says:

    This was just painful to watch.

    These jackholes are christian only on the technicality that they claim Christ as their savior. Too bad they don’t follow his teachings.


    • WonderGoon says:

      Exactly, Storydad. It is a real shame. As you know, I’m not a Christian myself, but, dammit, they pass themselves off as the “Good Guys” and then act like a bunch of animals in public. And they want me to be a Christian? No thanks!

      Thanks for commenting.


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