The Republican War on Reproductive Rights

The Republicans, mainly the social conservative branch of the GOP, are waging a war against reproductive rights in this country. Here’s their latest salvo:

They are in a full court press against Planned Parenthood twisting the facts to suit their own evil ends.

One thing that struck me while watching this video was how, on one hand, the Republicans hold up the Bible as being the guide to life, yet turn around and ignore one of their Ten Commandments: “Thou shalt not bear false witness.” Remember that one?

I guess it only applies when they need it to apply.

Want to do something to help Planned Parenthood? Sign the petition to preserve basic health coverage such as cancer screenings, birth control, HIV testing and other basic health coverage. Visit this site to stand against this hateful legislation.

I stand with Planned Parenthood. Do you?

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9 Responses to The Republican War on Reproductive Rights

  1. They claim they want to cut funding to Planned Parenthood because no taxpayer dollars should pay for abortions (which they don’t agree with). But, current law already prevents tax dollars to pay for abortions.

    Oh, how I wish I didn’t have to pay taxes on things I didn’t agree with.


    • WonderGoon says:

      I wish I had some say in where my tax dollars are spent, too, Circle City. I think we all do. I fear for the future of this country.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Hope to see you around these parts again, soon.



  2. Skatha says:

    I’m with them 100%.


  3. PP all the way. I still don’t understand why we elect Republicans… it’s almost like we’re asking for it sometimes. *Sigh*



      • WonderGoon says:

        Not just old people, sadly. Many younger folk vote Republican because their parents vote Republican. (I imagine its the same with Democrats, too; entrenched ideology rather than common sense or intelligence).

        Which is too bad, really, since politics requires more than a “rubber stamp” mentality. Probably why I describe myself as a moderate liberal.

        Thanks for the comments.


  4. storydad says:

    Some people vote Republican because they don’t happen to agree with liberal policies.

    You don’t have to be evil to be conservative. You also don’t have to be religious to be conservative.

    A big problem is that politicians are all about window dressing. They are basically highly paid shock jocks engaged in manipulating public opinion for their own gain.


    • WonderGoon says:

      Quite right, Storydad. Calling all conservatives evil was wrong of me. I apologize. However, acting to take people’s rights away (in this case, the woman’s right to control her own uterus and what she does with it) is an evil act. I should’ve drawn a clearer distinction between the two.

      Thanks for commenting.


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