Places I’d Like to Visit

There are many places in the world that I would like to visit. I was fortunate in my early life to have traveled a bit and see other countries. I’d like to add to my list of countries I’ve visited.

Here’s where I’ve been: America (most of the Lower 48 and Alaska and Hawai’i), Mexico, Japan, England, Scotland, Lichtenstein, Austria, Germany (before Reunification), and South Korea.

I’d like to go to Iceland at some point before I die. The natural beauty of Iceland and its rich history is not to be missed.

The erupting Great Geysir in Haukadalur.

This is something I want to see in person. This is nature at its finest. The pure beauty of it is only one reason I want to go there, however. Reykjavik seems to be a city that I can really have fun in.

Living in North America, of course, two of my closest neighbors are Mexico (which I’ve already visited) and Canada (which, I am sorry to say, I’ve not visited).

Canada is a beautiful place, as shown by the picture at the top of this blog. That picture is from my wife’s visit to Canada and was taken on Prince Edward Island. (The house was empty when that was taken and I’m unsure of its current state. Hopefully it’s not someones home. That would be embarrassing.)

In any event, I do want to visit Canada, since that would complete the entirety of the North American continent for me. That’s not the only reason I want to visit, though. I’ve had the great pleasure of knowing several Canadians and they’ve always treated me well. If these worthies are an accurate representation of how Canadians treat visitors, then an extended visit to Canada is in order.

The three places in Canada I want to visit the most are Vancouver, British Columbia, Toronto, Ontario, and Prince Edward Island, Prince Edward Islands.

Vancouver, because, like Seattle, it seems to be a down to earth kind of place where there is a lot of different things to do. I’d like to see a Blue Jays game in Toronto and just explore the city. The reason to visit Prince Edward Island should be obvious: the natural beauty of the place is awesome to behold. I’d like to have a picnic with Mrs. Goon and enjoy the sunset.

So, there it is. The places I want to visit.

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