Open Thread Thursday: Ship-Submarine Recycling Program

From Wikipedia (Ship-Submarine Recycling Program)

The Ship/Submarine Recycling Program (SRP) is the process the United States Navy uses to dispose of decommissioned nuclear vessels. SRP takes place only at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard (PSNS) in Bremerton, Washington, but the preparations can begin elsewhere.

Recycling is always good, right? This is our Open Thread. Feel free to discuss recycling, or anything else that strikes your fancy.

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3 Responses to Open Thread Thursday: Ship-Submarine Recycling Program

  1. Skatha says:

    I like recycling. I’m in favour of all recycling as long as it is done in a safe manner that doesn’t end up fouling up something else. I mean recycling submarines involves doing something with the nuclear reactors on the vessel and as long as whatever they do with the nuclear bits doesn’t cause harm to the environment, then by all means recycle them.

    I wish we had recycling here in New Orleans again.


  2. storydad says:

    Well, the most waste from nuclear reactors is the cooling water, which they have to deal with in some manner regardless. The actively radioactive parts they are just gonna bury, like they do with the rest of the stuff they don’t know how to deal with.

    Bear in mind that the radioactive components of a reactor were radioactive before we mined them out of the earth. A functioning nuclear reactor is pretty much a fancy steam engine, using the heat generated from a nuclear pile to heat water, create steam and turn a turbine. The only thing we did was mine the radioactive minerals and purify them.

    I’ve often wondered why they don’t dispose of the material by grinding the rods and mixing it with something that can absorb the radiation safely—like say whatever it was that they took out when they purified it in the first place.

    I guess that’s why I’m not a physicist.


    • WonderGoon says:

      Just wanted to announce that Storydad’s comment, above, is the 700th comment received here at The House of Goonery. Congrats, Storydad, and thanks for commenting! Keep ’em coming!



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