Open Thread Thursday: Human Migration

From Wikipedia (Human Migration):

Human migration is physical movement by humans from one area to another, sometimes over long distances or in large groups. The movement of populations in modern times has continued under the form of both voluntary migration within one’s region, country, or beyond, and involuntary migration (which includes the slave trade, trafficking in human beings and ethnic cleansing). People who migrate are called migrants or more specifically, emigrants, immigrants, or settlers, depending on historical setting, circumstances and perspective.

This is our open thread. Talk about whatever you want.

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2 Responses to Open Thread Thursday: Human Migration

  1. Skatha says:

    It’s funny that you should have this as your “quote” of the day. I recently bought a copy of British History for Dummies so I could have an over-view of what is going on when I read a lot of these historical fiction novels set in Britain. The author is very thorough, choosing to go all the way back to the Stone Age for a starting point. He talks about the earliest forms of migration that came and went in the area we now know as Great Britain.

    We may never know much about these ancient people, but they should be admired for one reason: they were filled with enough curiosity to move to unknown lands to live. Okay perhaps the Stone Age people weren’t that curious, they just followed the animals, but Bronze Age and Iron Age people were certainly curious.


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