Lesley Hazleton: A “tourist” reads the Koran

This is an important video, I think, especially in the media environment that has existed since 9/11 in America. We’ve been given a picture of Islam that is false, pushed on us, and portrayed by persons unwilling to do any real research.

Ms. Hazleton clearly has done her research. If you have the courage, and are not an inherently close-minded person, you should get something out of this video.

If you are close-minded, your response should be along the lines of “Oh, she’s agnostic, which means a lack of intelligence.” or “She’s being deceived by Satan!” or some equally repugnant thoughts.

My point for re-posting this video is to present a different take on Islam than what you would get on any of the major American news outlets (which is not to say that all of them are close-minded and stupid like some of them, but that each of them bears some responsibility in the smear campaign that has occurred in US media since September 11, 2001.)

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