What can I say about the recent shooting in Tucson, Arizona of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords that hasn’t already been said on the major news outlets and throughout the blogosphere?

I’m appalled, on a personal level, at the violence. I think any sane and reasonable person would be. Only a truly evil person would consider this a good thing and advocate for more violence. I’m sure they’re out there, though. I’m not naïve enough to think that every one of every political stripe will take a step back and calm down the rhetoric. In this day and age, with the 24-hour news cycle that seems, inexplicably, bent on spreading fear in our lives, in full swing? No, someone, somewhere, will try to fan the flames of this incident.

That makes me profoundly sad that there are those in this country that can’t see that violence is not the answer to our problems. It makes me scared for the future of this country and this planet.

It is my hope that all those wounded in the attack make full recoveries. I’d also like to take this opportunity to express my deepest condolences to the families of the slain. It is my fervent hope that when justice is meted out that this will help to bring you the closure you need.

Now, I want to take a moment to speak to the, alleged, gunman, Jared Lee Loughner.

Mr. Loughner,
I am shocked and appalled by your, alleged, actions on 8 January 2011 in Tucson, Arizona. Why you would do such a thing, I don’t know, though I hope that you will speak, at length, on the topic so those of us who don’t understand, will.

Mr. Loughner, you’ve hurt and killed a lot of people. Can you understand the long ranging implications of what you’ve done? The fringe elements that might be emboldened by your actions could do a lot of harm. I sincerely hope that this was not some sort of preëmptive strike against people you, and they, mistakenly believe are the “enemy.”

I don’t expect that you’ll ever breathe another breath of free air again, Mr. Loughner. I expect you’ll get several consecutive life sentences, if they don’t go for the death penalty. I’m not clear on Arizona laws, so I’m just guessing, here.

I know you have your supporters, out there in la-la land, Mr. Loughner. I’m hopeful, however, that the actions of the private citizens who helped stop your bloody rampage sends a clear message to anyone else planning such an attack.

In closing, Mr. Loughner, let me say that I do hope you aren’t found to be insane. I hope you go to prison for the rest of your life. I will be very happy to hear that you were denied the possibility of parole, as well.

I’d wish you luck, Mr. Loughner, but I don’t really want to help you even that much.

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