Fitting In

I’m part of a group of gamers on Xbox Live. We play, primarily, games in the Call of Duty series; the latest being Black Ops. The group has always been described as a family. It’s a good word to use, since, at times, it’s a dysfunctional one.

Like any group of humans of two or more, we have our share of problems. Personality clashes, being the most common of them. For the most part, I’ve generally avoided these spats and clashes, since I am peripheral member, at best.

For example, every year the group has a get-a-way where they gather and have a party, cook-out, and whatnot. There have been three such getaway’s since the groups inception and I’ve not been to a single one. Even the event that happened in Georgia a two years ago. This was, by far, the closest one to me, yet I wasn’t able to go. Money, you know.

Recently, a member left the group. When I approached him about why he left the group, he explained his reasons. I have to say, I agreed with them.

The dynamic of the group seems to have changed in recent months. I don’t know what to attribute this to. Perhaps because most of the group is on Facebook and we are seeing each others true face, seeing our true opinions presented, and that disturbs some members to some degree or another? I don’t know if this is the case, or not.

And while I’ve not gotten into a lobby with the group in quite some time, I don’t feel like I’d be welcome, due to some comments made on Facebook by myself and others.

So, my dilemma is clear (at least to me): Do I stay in the group, or do I move on?

Aside: I’m not going to announce the name of the group here, since I don’t want to prejudice anyone’s opinion should they end up playing with them online. I also conceal it for my, and their, security.

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4 Responses to Fitting In

  1. WonderGoon says:

    Well, I’ve parted ways with the group in question. Opinions and observations are okay in that group, unless you express them aloud in your own space, it would seem. I wish them the best.


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