Declaration of Intent

For 2011, I hereby resolve the following, in accordance with accepted tradition of the time and era that here below I hold these statements to be factual, and to serve as my Declaration of Intent to act on and in accordance with the statements enumerated below.

Herein is my Declaration of Intent to act in accordance with the ideas presented below. These willing behavioral modifications will be put into effect beginning 1 January, 2011, unless otherwise noted. This Declaration is made in accordance with the accepted social conventions regarding ‘New Years Resolutions,’ and should be understood to be no more binding on the declarer that other such resolutions.

It should be understood that herein ‘declaration’ is used interchangeably with “resolution.’ Readers should make no mistake as to the intent behind the wording used herein.

1.) To live a life free of the guilt and shame of others in regards to my own personal choices (or those actions by which are required for my own mental health);

2.) To remove anyone from my life who lays such guilt or shame on me in a manner not consistent with the ideals and accepted social conventions of “friendship;”

3.) To exercise to obtain the desired weight of no more than 190 lbs;

4.) In accordance with Resolution Three, to alter my dietary intake to facilitate the loss of undesired weight to obtain the desired weight of 190 lbs;

5.) To obtain gainful employment;

6.) To obtain a rapport with a mental health professional to treat depression, and certain other conditions not enumerated herein, preferably through any gainful employment, as obtained in Resolution Five. Should this not be possible, then obtained independently of any gainful employment insurance (if any);

7.) To accept the Person I know myself to be and to let that Person shine through more than was evidenced in the previous calendar year. It is acknowledged in this Declaration that the Person so noted is beautiful and deserves equal time to shine;

8.) To be more patient with others;

9.) To create for myself the ideal environment to foster self-growth and self-exploration;

10.) To complete the outstanding literary works which, in past calendar years, have been begun, then abandoned. With this Resolution, I acknowledge my own failure to complete the Works and take full responsibility for said failure. It is further resolved that, at minimum, one proposal will be forwarded to a publishing company for their consideration by the end of the 2011 calendar year;

BE IT SO RESOLVED that the undersigned do enter into this DECLARATION OF INTENT in order to alter certain behavioral attitudes and actions to foster a better life and lifestyle. BE IT SO UNDERSTOOD that no legal weight is placed upon the undersigned, nor any social expectations be placed thereupon, either. The undersigned reserve the right to alter, remove, or ignore this document at any time and without notice.

WonderGoon (signing for myself and certain other parties)

About WonderGoon

WonderGoon is seeking enlightenment and questions everything.
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