An Open Letter to Tony Perkins, FRC

Dear Mr. Perkins,
your organization, the Family Research Council, recently demanded an apology from the Southern Poverty Law Center when they listed your organization as a hate group.

In a statement on your website, you state:

“Family Research Council has, for nearly 30 years, advanced faith, family, and freedom in public discourse. We do so with civility and compassion. We hold to the indisputable fact that the family – a Dad, a Mom, and children – is the best building block of a good society, which is why we oppose efforts to transform it based on personal sexual preference.”

I take issue with your claim that you have engaged in a public discourse with civility and compassion. You’ve not engaged in any public discourse with any modicum of ‘civility or compassion.’ Not even close.

Also, your basic failure to understand the viewpoint of GLBT Americans is revealed in your line about ‘transforming it based on personal sexual preference.’

Mr. Perkins, let me explain this in small words: the supposed “Gay Agenda” that you are so scared of is quite simple to understand. The GLBT community wants what you want (presumably), Mr. Perkins. They want to raise their families and have the same basic civil liberties that you enjoy. In short, Mr. Perkins, they want to be treated like human beings who matter and not second class (or worse) citizens.

Your shortsightedness and ignorance in this matter is staggering, considering we live in an age when information is freely available on the Internet.

Which is why I am shocked you would tout a line like “We hold to the indisputable fact that the family – a Dad, a Mom, and children – is the best building block of a good society,[. . .]”

There are many studies that show a different take on this point. A recent study in the journal Pediatrics (as reported by Time Magazine) reveals that children raised in Lesbian households have an easier time of it than their peers raised in heterosexual households. (Source: Kids with Lesbian Parents May Do Better Than Their Peers). Given this information, your stance that it’s “indisputable” is, clearly, disputed.

(The full text of the press release can be found here.)

The fact that you would demand an apology of the SPLC for listing FRC as a hate group is rich irony indeed. You head a hate group, Sir. Your cries of ‘apology, apology’ should go unheeded.

The mere fact that, in the space of a few paragraphs, you can claim your right to live life as you choose, and even impose your views on others, while demanding that others give up their rights as American citizens, and human beings, is staggering in its boldness and dripping with irony that I am sure someone will have to explain to you.

The arrogance of your statement that same-sex marriage will, somehow, impede your ability to worship as you see fit is shocking. It’s shocking that you could be so dense as to not understand the basic principles of our Constitution, as laid down in the Bill of Rights and supported by later Amendments.

You claim to stand for American values, but your actions, your very organization, is unAmerican in its stance and actions. That you would attempt to turn this into a political battle, and not a social one, is laughable, at best.

Sure, your political party won a few elections. Sure, your brethren at NOM succeeded in striking a blow against the very freedom you espouse in Iowa by ousting three judges. But what have you gained, really?

I’d say not much. Every free thinking American, Liberal, Centrist, or Conservative, not bound or influenced by party rhetoric, will now recognize you and your organization as a hate group.

The media will focus its lenses on you for a time, and sure, you’ll sway those who are already predisposed to hate to your banner, and your numbers will swell. For awhile.

Eventually, though, you will fade from the public’s mind, and be forgotten. Your message of hate and divisiveness will fall by the wayside as a bad idea given too much credit.

In a time, Sir, when America needs to pull together, you, and the rest of the FRC, seem intent on tearing it apart. You attack the very foundation of our democracy and then have the nerve to shout ‘apology, apology’ when you are called a hate group?

Mr. Perkins, if you didn’t want to be a hate group, why do you act like one? Why do you continually force your agenda on those of us who don’t want it? I don’t want to live under your view of the world, where a gun is placed (figuratively, at this point) to my head and I am given the “choice” of accepting Judeo-Christian beliefs or death.

Either would be death for me, Mr. Perkins. The choice between death and death is no real choice, is it?

In closing, Mr. Perkins, I want to urge you to go away. I’m not buying what you’re selling and I don’t think anyone with any intelligence is either.

As far as I am concerned, the Faith Research Council is a hate group. And while my opinion might not mean squat in the grand scheme of things, it means everything here, on this blog.

I, for one, will continue to speak out against hate in any form it takes, including watch-dogging your organization. I will continue to exercise my Constitutionally protected rights to freedom of speech, expression, and of the press, to counter your hate and lies with facts.

I invite you (or one of your drones) to debate the issue, here, if you wish. I promise you will have your say and it will be civil.


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