The Problem with Condoms

Note: Those who are sensitive to the frank discussion of birth control, condoms, or honesty will find this post unsettling. You are invited to not read it, as I have no intention of removing or editing it to suit your parochial needs.

I don’t like condoms. The reason is two fold, really. The first is that they are usually coated with a substance called Nonoxynol-9, a widely used lubricant. I have a sensitivity to this substance and have had an allergic reaction to it in the past.

This problem is easily solved, however, as I can easily use an unlubricated condom (many of which are available from the major condom manufacturers).

But herein lies the second problem. The condom manufacturers themselves. (No, this is not an attack on the production of condoms themselves, rather the insistence of a one-size-fits-all mentality).

To be quite honest with you, I am of an average length, but I have a larger girth than normal. This makes it quite difficult to get a condom on, as they are constructed to allow for length, but not girth.

Even when the directions are followed to the letter, the condom is unusually tight, to the point of being physically uncomfortable to wear, and, since I am uncut, will slide off the front of my penis during intercourse. In all, an undesirable event, as the point is to protect against pregnancy.

To my knowledge, there is not a single condom manufacturer which takes the girth, or the foreskin, of the user into account in any of their condom lines. I hope that one day, the major manufacturers realize that not everyone is nine inches in length, cut, and thin.


Information about Trojan condoms can be found here.
Information about Durex condoms can be found here.

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