Minor Changes and a New Direction

Hello, everyone. I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything here. I know I’ve been saying that I am going to be making regular updates again, and then I don’t follow through with it.

I apologize for that.

I am hoping that once the chaos settles down after I move my household (again), that I will be able to start posting my thoughts on the world at large.

The past few months have been depressing, to say the least. I have been fighting with life itself, it seems, as everything I touch has been turned to crap.

Things will get better, I know, but I cannot help but think that it will get worse before it gets better. Especially when I see what is happening with the health care debate.

I mean, honestly, why are we even debating this? Unless you are a heartless cur, you agree that everyone should have access to affordable health care, right? So, why not have options for everyone, as opposed to the current system, where jackals in suits (that’d be bureaucrats, by the way) deciding who lives and dies, based on their own arcane system of measure.

Removing the pre-existing conditions clause would be a giant step forward and I hope that part of the various bills pass. (I think they did, but I am unsure, as I’ve not had time to review what is currently happening).

In any event, I rambled more than I intended. That’s a good sign, as it bodes well for future posts, don’t you agree?

Come the first of the year, I hope to have a regular posting schedule again. Not every day, that would be unrealistic, given my current circumstances, so I’ll say every week, for now.

Here’s hoping I can keep to that.

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WonderGoon is seeking enlightenment and questions everything.
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4 Responses to Minor Changes and a New Direction

  1. jonolan says:

    I guess I’m a heartless cur then. While I think it would be good for everyone to access to affordable health care, I don’t think that they <should since that word, “should,” indicates an entitlement that isn’t present.

    As for removing the pre-existing conditions clause and various other attacks against the insurance industry – those will only result in an increase in the cost of health insurance or the destruction of the industry.


    • WonderGoon says:

      Hi jonolan. Always great to have a new reader, (even if its only for one thread).

      Some responses for you.

      Which is more important, though? The insurance companies themselves, or the people who need medical treatment?

      Which do you sacrifice?

      That is, essentially, what it boils down to. Sacrifice the people who pay, and the insurance industry dies anyway. (No customers, after all, as they are all dead for lack of treatment.) Both die and everyone loses.

      Sacrifice the insurance companies, and the people live.

      Seems a pretty clear choice, to me.


  2. jonolan says:

    Sorry for the delay in responding; I had an acute attack of Life. 😉

    If things worked the way you seem to think that they do, I’d wholeheartedly agree with you. Sadly for us all,they don’t work that way.

    The vast majority of Americans (well over 80%) have health insurance that they are reasonably content with through those insurance companies.

    If ObamaCare severely damages or destroys the insurance companies, or just causes them to raise their rates enough to get employers to shift their benefits or labor and hiring policies, what happens to those 250+ million Americans?

    Those Americans will be without healthcare – and possibly without jobs – because we can’t afford to provide and/or subsidize the healthcare of 250+ million people when the plan was for 25+ million.

    Sacrifice the insurance companies and people die.


    • WonderGoon says:

      Hi, Jonolan.
      I totally understand about life getting in the way. Happens to me all the time. So, no worries. 🙂

      As to the issue we are discussing, let me share this with you. Its a post I wrote awhile back about preexisting conditions and my run in with the insurance industry.

      Pre-Existing Condition Clause: The True Evil of Health Care.

      I don’t know how much reading of my blog you’ve done, so I offer this to explain where I am coming from when I post about things like this.

      I do agree that things are not as simple as I made them out to be. There are complications, which, I am sure, I am not taking into account. However, given my personal run in with the Status Quo Insurance Industry, you can understand my hesitation to go backwards.

      I think we can both agree there needs to be some changes, yes? Reigning in the political power of insurance companies is one step in the right direction.



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