The Problem, As I See It

One of the greatest problems with America today is the division amongst the citizens. I see a great rift, perpetuated by those with a vested interest in keeping the wedge of partisanship firmly in place. Once a people are split, it is virtually impossible to heal that rift.

Such rifts expose the hatred, kept securely under control normally, and shows it to the world with great speed. This is, of course, exactly what those in true power want. They want us to fight and disagree. They want us to be at one another’s throats.

It is this controlled chaos they create which allows them to move along their hidden agenda. One only has to ask who would benefit the most from such chaos in America to find the answer to this question of Who.

Those on the Right will, of course, answer that it is Barack Obama and his “socialist, fascist, communists” who are the problem. The Left will demonize the mouth pieces of the Right: Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and others.

In truth, all these are at fault in some measure for the chaos which has been allowed to spread. As I am. As you are. We are all responsible for the chaos which grips this country, if for no other reason than we will not stand up and counter such depravity with calm resolution.

When hatred is spread, we should be spreading love. When idiocy and ignorance is put forth in the public dialog, we should respond with facts, logic, and rational discourse.

Yet, we don’t. We allow ourselves to be drawn by our short hairs into a firestorm of controversy which pervades our culture. We have, in short order, been manipulated by forces unknown into hating our brothers and sisters. Our mothers and fathers. Our sons and daughters. We demonize those who disagree with us, based solely on their political opinions! What madness this is!

I ask you, point blank, can you rise above the hatred? Can you see past your petty concerns and see that we should all be united, as a people, as AMERICANS, and find a path that all can agree with? Are you capable of it? Or do you prefer to continue the hatred and the fighting?

How soon until we mature as a country, as a people, and truly grasp the greatness which lies before us?

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4 Responses to The Problem, As I See It

  1. Mike says:

    Things will get better, eventually. One day a new problem will arise that will unite us, that is the way of the world.

    At the level of the common citizen, all we know is pretty much what the ‘media’ tells us. We have almost no ability to find out for ourselves any hard facts—and of course Logic and Rational discourse are nearly as rare as an Honest Person.

    Of course, any citizen *could* sit in on open meetings of congress. The bills entered for consideration are open to the public for review. The Freedom of Information act in theory makes all sorts of information available to us for the asking. Of course, we also have to go to work so that we can live our lives.

    The Problem, As I See It, is simply human nature. Put 3 people in a room and wait a week, and 2 of them will side together against the 3rd. Conflict is simply more interesting, and entertaining, than peace. Politicians know and exploit this, and the media feeds and shapes it to the politicians desires.

    In the end, however, I see The Problem as no problem at all, really. It may shape my life, but there is little I can do about it other than be aware and make my own decisions as best I can, with the information available to me. Personally, I live my life on a Live and Let Live basis. I make few judgments, though many of my observations can be fairly scathing. I realize that my own views and morality are just that—my own, and I have neither the right nor the desire to force them upon others, unless clear harm is being done against those who have no defense.



  2. Skatha says:

    So what you’re saying is that the NWO is not a myth and those who believe in it are the only ones who know the truth?


    • WonderGoon says:

      *laughs* I’m saying there is a pattern which seems to indicate an invisible manipulator who is driving the social commentary towards unknown goals. If you choose to call this a New World Order, the Illuminati or Super Secret People and Their Nefarious Plots, (the dreaded SSPTNP), then whatever floats your boat.

      I don’t know if such an organization actually exists or if I am simply reading too much into the patterns I see. I tend to think the later is the case, but, who knows for sure?

      All I know for sure is there is a, at times, unfjordable rift between the Right and the Left in this country and, by extension, the citizens who claim to be affiliated with either extreme. From this rift, a lot of negative energy and, lets be honest, hatred is being produced and certain parties are benefiting from the chaos that is spreading from this idealogical conflict.

      If we were to counter this destructive force with understanding, love, logic, and rational discourse grounded firmly in common sense, I think we’d go a long way to curing this indifference Americans seem to be cloaking themselves in.

      It is this indifference that is truly crippling the American Conversation.


      • awfrick says:

        I think both major political parties have shown themselves unable to engage issues logically when they’re the minority. The GOP is simply doing what their job as the minority is; to dissent and bitch and moan and cry – whatever it takes to put them in the best position to win the next election.

        Would solidarity improve the quality of life for everyone? Of course, but I’m skeptical it could ever happen in any significant way.


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