Pastor Prays for Death of President Obama

*deep sigh*

I’m not a Christian, and I don’t know the Bible very well, but, I’m pretty sure that God wouldn’t want anyone to pray for someone’s death.

This dirtbag sounds like he’s another Right Wing Soldier out to stir up trouble and cause problems for the rest of us.

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8 Responses to Pastor Prays for Death of President Obama

  1. Mike says:

    People like this Pastor make idiots look like Stephen Hawking.

    I mean just wow. What’s funny is that I haven’t stepped in a church for better than 10 years, nor cracked open my bible for longer than that, and several passages sprang to mind to refute what this guy said in the first place. Mind you, I’m not a Chapter and Verse person, but I have a nice bible, and could hunt it down if I wanted too, but it says the following:

    1. God does not take sides in arguments, even with prayer. If he did, baseball feilds all over the US would disappear in a conflaguration of Holy Fire brought down from fans of both teams.

    2. Pray in private, not public. Dont’ go around telling folks about your prayers. Actual passage says something about not letting the left hand know what the right hand is doing.

    3. Thou shalt not judge. That one is pretty clear. Right up there with Vengance is Mine, sayeth the Lord. It’s fairly uncompromising on these points. Oh, and Let He who is without sin cast the first stone. That’s a good one, and it does not really mean that we can all dive in if we can get a newborn infant to toss a rock.

    Still, this program is a prime example of why I don’t watch hardly any TV, and no News at all. Warring Agendas isn’t really that fun for me. If Media would quit giving these morons the time of day, they’d dry up and stop spouting their nonsense. As it is, they get on TV, and their fellow morons start believing what is being said, ’cause if it’s on TV, it can’t be wrong. You get this effect on all sides of the ideological ball.


    • WonderGoon says:

      Media (in whatever form) is the outlet of common discourse. As a society, we need the media to spur the public consciousness and promote conversation. For it is within the public discourse that true freedom of speech is heard.

      This is the primary reason, when the Internet was first introduced, that certain parties didn’t want it to be used by common citizens. There was a lawsuit, I forget by whom, that wanted to censor the Internet of the word “breast” for fear of people looking up nude photos, little realizing that such censorship would affect the millions of women who are breast cancer survivors (it would’ve stopped online support groups (curtailing the peaceful gathering of citizens) and the dissemination of vital information that could save lives.)

      Thankfully, the ruling in the case was in favor of free speech, essentially ruling that the Internet is an on going conversation and to censor it would be a violation of freedom of speech.

      So, in short, the media is important in todays society to foster that conversation, even if the nut cases and weirdos get an equal say. And I say they must have their say, so, at the least, their rights of freedom of speech are protected and everyone can see they are crazy and not to be listened to.

      Personally, I think you’re handling it the correct way by choosing not to watch.


  2. Skatha says:

    I had to stop watching. It made me sick.


  3. Mike says:

    I agree that Media is important, and even nutbags get their say. After all, they let me post on the internet.

    However, their does not seem to be any media out there these days. What you have are overblown propaganda machines with the sole purpose of selling their message to the gullible.

    At best, we have about a 90 degree slant to one side or the other on any given subject, which is very distrubing for me, since I like to stand in the middle between the extreems.

    What’s funny sometimes is to read stories, and then look the subject up in newspapers from other countries. They are no less slanted, really, but they are not as invested in selling a message to us so you get a somewhat straighter angle on alot of things. For instance, after 9/11, we were talking about the inevitable stockmarket crash that would result, who’s fault it was (on our side), and the right and wrong of going to war, and whom to do it with. British papers were pretty much telling everyone to calm down, because thank god we didn’t just turn their whole freaking desert into a glass parking lot– which at the time, many felt we would have been justified in doing.


  4. alantru says:

    Mind boggling. Just sad.


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