You know you’re in trouble when. . .

. . . you start to think ‘Which post can I recycle today?’

Yeah, I’m at that point.

So, instead, I think I’ll show President Obama’s Cairo speech. A few comments and thoughts will follow the video. Enjoy.

Overall, I thought it was a good speech. I know the rightwing talking heads (you know the ones I mean) will deride President Obama for quoting the The Holy Qu’ran so many times, but, considering where he was, I don’t think it was out of line.

I agree with the President when he says that one speech will not solve all our problems. It won’t, no matter how good that speech is. What it will do is begin the process that will mend the hurts and, hopefully, lead to a more peaceful world.

And that’s important with so many other crises currently happening. Not the least of which is North Korea basically threatening the US with an attack.

Of course, the economic crisis which has been blogged to death (and I’m not a fan of beating dead horses.)

All in all, a good first step. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that it works and some real healing can begin.

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WonderGoon is seeking enlightenment and questions everything.
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