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Fat Boss Limbaugh Blames Obama for Sanford’s Affair

Fat Boss Limbaugh runs his mouth again. Watch the video, but have a bucket nearby to throw up in.

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Under the Weather

I’ve been feeling under the weather lately. That’s why I’ve not been posting anything here. I wanted to post something about Carry Prejean loosing her crown due to her bigotry (poetic justice, I say), but I’ve not had the energy. … Continue reading

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Loreseeker and the Lords of Night ~UPDATE!~

Well, as some of you are aware, I sent off the Loreseeker and the Lords of Night story I had been posting in this blog to a publisher. I received a letter back today stating they had rejected the proposal, … Continue reading

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Pastor Prays for Death of President Obama

*deep sigh* I’m not a Christian, and I don’t know the Bible very well, but, I’m pretty sure that God wouldn’t want anyone to pray for someone’s death. This dirtbag sounds like he’s another Right Wing Soldier out to stir … Continue reading

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Liz Cheney Defends Holocaust Shooter

Isn’t it wonderful how the Right Wing likes to change the definition of words like “terrorist” to suit their own agenda? Lovely.

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Unfolding Revelations of Enlightenment: The Basics

The Unfolding Revelations of Enlightenment: The Basics What is Unfolding Revelations? What are the core beliefs of this path? Is this another form of Wicca? Is there a secret handshake? All these questions, and more, will be answered in time. … Continue reading

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What Friends Don’t Do

Let me apologize to any new readers. I hate to think your introduction to my blog will be with this rant, but I’m afraid its unavoidable. Please bear with me as I have this cathartic moment. Thanks for your patience. … Continue reading

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Marvel/DC Star Trek Spoof

A very funny video from ItsJustSomeRandomGuy on YouTube. Check it out.

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Protected: On Taking a Chance

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Small updates and some reorganization

Sharp eyed readers (like you) will notice that I have reorganized my Blogroll and other links section. This was done because my OCD, mild though it is, can be a pain in the rump, on occasion. If you want me … Continue reading

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